Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cosmic Ray Therapy

Cosmic Ray therapy is a scientic method of rectifying the shortage of a certain color radiated radiated by planets, causing effects on living beings.

With very accurate analysis of the problem and efficient remedies,
Shri B V Pai, renowned Cosmic Therapist (Mangalore) has created a niche in the area of healing.

He gives a brief description as:

Nine colors are radiated by Nine planets onto earth, through a form called sunlight which forms an integral part of a living being's environment.
Each body has a distinct combination of these nine colors based upon the planetary positions which existed at the time of the person's birth.

Due to various reasons, primarily changing positions of planets, shortage of one/a group of colours is created in the body resulting in all sorts of ailmentals - physical, mental or environmental. This phenomena that applies to all living beings is called color hunger.
Identifying the colour hunger and the cause for it through a precise method called 'pendulum dowsing' , and then supplying the necessary colors (artificially to the body through the peron's phoograph), removes ailments, obstacles to growth/progress/health.

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Nidhi Consultancy Service said...

Dear Sir,

I have taken consultation for cosmic ray theorpy but i came to know that prediction with dousing is not correct about myself but so i do not how the result will be.
I am doubtful about cosmic ray theorpy process

Nidhi Consultancy Service said...

Dear All ,

if any one who is benefited from this theorpy please share